1. To achieve international recognition in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies in the diversity of life. Ground these studies in ethics related to peace on all levels: personal, local, and global. The discipline will include cultural and biological diversity, diverse ethical systems, and diverse ways for attaining peace. The curriculum will span a number of disciplines, in order to examine and develop a deep understanding of diversity on individual and social levels.
  2. To promote recognition of and respect for both individual and social cultures and their unique contribution to making and sustaining the world.
  3. To focus on differing peoples’ relationships with society and nature, family values, and biological and socio-cultural environments.
  4. To transform individuals into leaders with the highest moral, ethical, and professional standards.
  5. To build upon existing University strengths in interdepartmental study of cultures, languages, and literatures.
  6. To work closely with existing University departments and other Twin cities institutions of higher education in developing multidisciplinary programs in Diversity, Ethics and Peace studies.
  7. To enhance community outreach in Minnesota.